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Brie-Anne MacPherson

Elite Coach with 15+ years experience

NCCP Level 3 certified coach in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

NCCP Learning Facilitator and Evaluator

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Brie has been coaching full time since 2006. After attending university in England and Vancouver, Brie returned to Vernon and began coaching at Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics Club where she had trained as an athlete. 

She has coached everything from pre-school classes to National Team members. As an integral part of Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics club over the years, she has developed, designed and delivered programs to all levels and ages of athletes.

Brie has also delivered camps, workshops and classes for various organizations including school PE classes, rec centre programs, provincial camps and coaching courses. She has worked with athletes from multiple sports including synchronized swimmers, figure skaters, dancers and circus performers.

She is a past member of the BC Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Board and Development Committee.

Brie-Anne MacPherson.jpg
Brie-Anne MacPherson.jpg
Brie-Anne MacPherson.jpg

"I have a passion for working with children. Their openness to learn and belief in what’s possible is inspiring. I believe that if you give children respect, responsibility and opportunity they will rise beyond what you thought possible.

My coaching philosophy stems from the belief that sport is simply the vehicle through which to learn life long skills and develop who you are as a person."

Brie and Camille.jpg

Brie was the first ever athlete to compete for

Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

all the way back in 1998.

Brie was a National Stream Junior and Senior in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She competed at multiple Western and National Canadian Championships as well as invitationals throughout Canada and the US. She even returned to competing after university, becoming

the Senior Western Canadian Champion in Level 6C.

Brie MacPherson.jpg
Brie MacPherson.jpg

Brie is also an NCCP Learning Facilitator and Evaluator, teaching coaching courses and certifying recreational and competitive coaches. She believes strongly in equipping coaches with the knowledge they need to create safe, supportive, healthy and inspiring environments for their athletes.

Brie loves to perform.

She has played a wide variety of characters in our shows. Everything from a slimy sewer rat to a magical dragon; an evil witch to a french mime.

Brie MacPherson performance Lightkeeper.jpg
Brie MacPherson Parrot performance.jpg

"Rhythmic gymnastics is an amazing mix of sport and art,

creativity and structure, self expression and discipline.

I adore working with these contrasts as it requires me to use all parts of myself;

the creative artist and the analytical thinker."

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