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Camille Martens

Camille is the founder, owner and head coach of Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.

She represented Canada at the 1996 Olympic Games.

She is an NCCP Level 3 certified coach in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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After competing at the 1996 Olympics, Camille returned home to Vernon and started the Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.  Under her guidance the club quickly became one of the top clubs in the nation producing many National level athletes, Nationals finalists and champions.  To date she has coached over 20 members of the Canadian High Performance Team pool (top 15).    

Camille is active in her community, offering guest speaking as well as a variety of workshops/camps to dancers and athletes. 

Within all of her endeavours and contributions, her guiding aims have been to serve, to bring people together, to offer or create accessible information, to learn, to grown and to facilitate others as they reconcile the gap between current reality and potential.

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Camille’s passion for movement, music, rhythm, expression and excellence has enabled her to light a similar fire in the hearts of those she works with.  Her unique approaches to coaching, original choreography style and intrinsic vision for the future of each person who crosses her path, have been the keys to making her so successful in all that she does. 

Focused on developing growth mindset tools and on implementing inquiry based learning, time in her gym equips students for life beyond the gym. 

 While sitting and watching the Olympic Games on TV in 1984,  Camille turned to her father and proclaimed, “I’m going to the Olympics, Dad!”

It wasn’t until two years later that Camille discovered her passion.  A chance meeting with 1984 Olympic gold medallist Lori Fung led Camille to finding her sport, Rhythmic Gymnastics.   Having found her match, she pursued it relentlessly and it was at the tender age of 11 that Camille had to face the difficulty of training away from home. 

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At 14 she was our nations top ranked Junior, and at 16 Camille became the top Canadian Senior.  At the 1994 Commonwealth Games, Camille was Canada’s the most-medalled athlete (5 medals).  This and numerous other international successes seemed to be pointing towards an Olympic birth.  


Realizing that she still had a long way to go, Camille sought help from many of the best coaches from around the world.  During her pre-Olympic year , Camille had the opportunity of working with Ludmilla Dimitrova of Bulgaria and Irina Viner of Russia.  Her international ranking skyrocketed and she made finals at several internationally renowned events.  In 1996 the dream became a reality and she competed at the Olympic Games.  

“I love kids and I love our sport! 

I feel so blessed by the delight I feel when I see athletes learn new things, deal with tough situations well or overcome the parts of themselves that are standing in their way. 

Chasing excellence as they dare to become fierce athletes and have the courage to share their heart through artistic expression is such an inspiring journey to be on.”


For 12 consecutive years, Camille served as Gymnastics Canada’s elected National Team Coaches Chair

and as a member of our RG Technical Committee.

In the past 6 years she has also served on Gymnastics Canada’s Domestic Development Working Group

and Selection Committee. 

Recently, she’s completed helping re-create coach certification courses for the NCCP in rhythmic gymnastics. 

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Camille has written, choreographed and directed over 20 original productions as well as countless performance pieces.  

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Camille is the lucky mom of two wonderful adult children.  She loves spending time on her e-bike (especially on the rail trail), swimming in Kal Lake, hiking anywhere in nature, having real conversations, walking/snuggling her dogs, reading, daydreaming and creating.

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