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Our Professional Coaching Team

At Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics we have an exceptional, highly-trained team of dedicated coaches who are always working together to create excellent programs at all levels. 


We aim for excellence and joy at every level. 

We focus on:


Together our 3 professional coaches have coached thousands of athletes. They have also trained hundreds of coaches through the National Coaching Certification Program. With over 65 combined years of professional experience, they have produced over 20 members for the Canadian National Team Pool.  In all levels from Recreational to Elite, our team is recognized as one of the top gymnastics clubs in Canada. 

Our Support Team

Our club’s support team is second to none: certified coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, dance teachers, yoga/mindfulness instructors, ballet master, nutritionist, mental coach, theatre/improv teacher, junior coaches and a huge variety of guest coaches and experts. 

Over the years our club has had the opportunity to work with some amazing coaches who all sewed their love, hearts and skills into the fabric of our club.

Tammy Andreotti -  Svetlana Rasseko - Rachel Wyatt  -  Jessica Krushen  -  Madeleine Shaw  -  Mia Herault  -  Gillian Kilgour  -  Lucy Mitchell  -  Tanya Wisse  -  Lori Moger  -  Tamsin Carriere  -  Ben McLean  -  Michelle Johnson  -  Giselle  -  Deb Myhre  -  Birgit Meißl-Schielin

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