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Mission Statement

Gymnastics, Theatre and Circus combine the elegance, dance, drama and music of the arts, with the risk, competition, excitement and opportunity of sport. 


It helps provide a focused framework for self-expression, athletic achievement and life-skill development. 


We expect a lot from every member of our team, and want them to expect a lot in return. 


Respect, trust, integrity and honesty are attributes we hope to portray to participants, and have reciprocated by them towards instructors, teammates and the world around them.   


We provide a motivating and stimulating environment that focuses on developing the whole person, not just results. 


We aim to facilitate each member’s growth through ups and downs as they learn to find joy in the process. 


  • To provide each athlete with training that is artistically inspirational and technically elite.

  • To help each athlete reach personal bests by providing them with a safe, yet challenging environment and program.

  • To teach life skills – aiming to make what they learn applicable to their post-gymnastic lives.

  • To connect individuals with their purpose and potential, establishing confidence in their unique creative abilities.

Our Team Creed

At Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics our path is kindness.  

We value integrity, commitment and honesty.  

We pursue ambitious goals with tenacity.  

We experience challenges and accomplishments as a community.  

We honour individual journeys.  

We practice responding to discomfort with courage.  

We lean in to doing hard things with open hearts.  
We do this because it is a safe place to grow grit.

We are here to bring out the best in each other because we are stronger together.

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