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Shawna De Leske

Shawna is a FIG Level 1 Acrobatics and NCCP Level 2 Artistic Gymnastics Coach with over 30+ years of professional coaching experience.

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Shawna started her gymnastics journey at a young age, inspired by her uncle who was an acrobat in the US. She trained as a Provincial Level Artistic Gymnast for 8 years.  She began her coaching career in a small private gym in Lake Country before coaching in Kelowna.

In 2010 she attended North America’s first FIG Academy in Montreal in 2010 for Acrobatic Gymnastics where she trained along side international coaches and Cirque du Soleil athletes.  As one of Team Canada's coaches, she traveled to the 2012 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Championships in Florida.


She has coached recreational to competitive levels in multiple disciplines including Women's and Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling, Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics.  

Shawna contributed to development of the NCCP Acrobatic Gymnastics Coaching Certification Curriculum. She is NCCP Level 2 Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics Coach and a FIG Level 1 Acrobatic Gymnastics Coach.  She is also an Intermediate Level Judge in Acrobatic Gymnastics in Australia and Level I Judge in Canada.


“Acrobatic Gymnastics combines the artistry of a rhythmic gymnast, the athleticism of an artistic gymnast and the daring of a circus performer. It is one of the only co-ed sports out there and it is a place where every body has a place.

I love that it is partner based and with that comes extreme trust in yourself, your teammates and your coach. Athletes truly form a bond that can last a lifetime."

In 2019, Shawna received an Award from

Gymnastics Canada for being one of the

original founders of the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics in Canada.

In 2019, Shawna moved to Australia and coached a team of over 60 athletes at Gladstone Gymnastics in Central Queensland. Her entire Senior team qualified for the National Championships before the pandemic brought her back home to Canada.

She is currently the Acrobatic Gymnastics Head Coach at Kelowna Gymnastix.

Her current program consists of Recreational Acro, Performance Team (gymnaestrada team) and numerous competitive teams.

   She is very passionate about Acrobatic Gymnastics and has grown the program in Kelowna to a high profile team in the community. Her team competes throughout Canada and the US gaining in experience each year.

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A quote I have always loved is:

“A coaches worth isn’t found in their wins but in the impact made in their athletes lives.”

"A coach you because I care about you.

I challenge you because I believe in you

I correct you to help you reach your potential

I hold you accountable to prepare you for life

Sincerely: My purpose."

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