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Try something New!


Ages 5-10

Sundays this Spring

Comes try something new or focus in on something you already love.

Our workshops explore elements of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Circus!


Sunday April 10th

Focus on:

Aerial Hoop, Rhythmic Balls and Walkovers and Bridges!

Sunday April 24th

Focus on:

Tightrope, Balance Beams and Rhythmic Ribbons!

Sunday May 1st

Focus on:

Juggling, Rhythmic Hoops, Cartwheels/Aerial Cartwheels!

Sunday May 29th

Focus on:

Handstands, Rhythmic Ribbons and Mini Tramp!

Sunday June 12th

Focus on:

Scarves and Wings/Clowning and Lyrical Dance!


Come to your Workshop Ready!

  • Always be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes before your class starts

  • Have your hair done in a nice ponytail or braids. No hair down.

  • Wear appropriate gym clothes.  Tight shirt/shorts or leggings or a bodysuit/shorts. Make sure you feel comfortable going upside down in your outfit.

  • We require clean white socks (no bare feet and no tights that cover feet).

  • Bring a water bottle labelled with your name

  • In accordance to current Covid regulations, athletes must stay home if they are feeling sick and parents are not allowed in the facility.

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