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Competitive Team

Ages 6+

2-3 sessions per week + optional add on

Learn at an increased pace in this diverse program. Skill development, teamwork and fun competition experiences will all be yours!

Reserve your spot on our 2024-2025 Comp Team now!

Bring in your signed hard-copy commitment form and pay your non-refundable deposit.

Read below for more details.

In this program you can choose it all: 
Train 2 or 3 days/week,
Choose your days (Tues, Wed, or Thurs)
Sign up for our COMP+ program and add 25 special weekend sessions between Sept-June

Learn so much more than gymnastics. Competitions and performances offer an opportunity to learn life skills.

Growth Mindset

Interpreting errors as opportunities and learning to address mistakes with curiosity instead of judgement is a skill that takes years of refining. This mindset is a life changing skill.

Learning from Mistakes

Competing is a different skill than training.  Competing well requires overcoming new personal obstacles and unexpected errors.  Learning to compete comes from practicing.

A Time to Shine

When provided with gentle guidance and a consistently nurturing team environment, facing challenges can become fun.  Growth mindset principles enable positive self talk.  In our gym we value learning to support and celebrate all our friends. 

Competitive Team 2024-2025

Comp Team
Sept 2024 - June 2025
Born 2018 and older

Here we combine, Sport and Art with Team, Community and Excellence. We work to empower athletes to shine at whichever level of engagement feels exciting for them and their family.  Our Comp program teaches warm-ups, fitness, coordination, strength, flexibility, technique, team work, dance, expression, drama, enthusiasm, focus, growth mind-set and aim to help grow confidence.
Skill development, team work, performance opportunities and fun competition experiences will all be yours! Explore, play, rise and learn at an increased pace.

Pick any 2 or 3 days a week:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Full Program Tuition
2 Days/Week: $1975+gst
3 Days/Week: $2962.50+gst


Comp+ Team
Sept 2024 - June 2025
Born 2018 and older

Members of our Comp Team can add-on this special session.
If your athlete is keen for more, join our Comp+ Team!
Train 2 or 3 days a week with Comp plus attend 25 special weekend sessions.

Session focuses will vary throughout the year including extra show routine in our big fall theatre production, group competition routines and more.

25 Special Weekend Sessions between Sept-June:
Days and times will depend on numbers and
will be available closer to the start of the program.

Cost for the 25 sessions:


Equipment and Uniform Required:

Each young athlete is required to purch
Team Uniform Cost: $220+*
Equipment Cost: $50-$300+*
Toe Socks (3-4 pair) Cost: $25-$40 each*
Team Backpack Cost: $65*
Gymnastics BC & ORGC reg fees Cost: $200

*cost is approximate and based on past years.

Apparatus vary greatly depending on your choice of quality, brand and whether you athletes already owns any equipment.


Event Requirements

Fall Theatre Production (November)

Cost: $50 plus Help with Fundraising

Queen of Hearts Invitational Competition (February)

Registration Cost: $75

Another Local Event (TBD March-May)

Registration Cost: $50

Year End Show (June)

optional extra events offered if available

BC Games Group Rhythmic Gymnastics Okanagan .jpg
Competition Warm Up Okanagan Rhythmic Gymnastics.jpg

Competitive Program Summer Requirements.
2 weeks required
4+ weeks recommended

Why Summer Camps?
Summer Training Camps allows for many training hours in a condensed amount of time.
This leads to an increased pace of learning and development.
3 weeks of summer camp = 2 months of training during the school year.
Summer Camps are when many new skills are introduced
and is a great time for team building, growing friendships and having fun!

The Start of a Journey

Learn more about rhythmic gymnastics, our club and the amazing experiences gymnastics can offer.

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