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Choose rhythmic gymnastics as your passion
and take your training to the next level.

Ages 7+    12+ hours a week

Amount of training adapted based on age and skill level.


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Our Elite Program is one of the most respected and successful rhythmic gymnastics programs in Canada.

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We are known for our outstanding competition results facilitated by our whole-person focus and community atmosphere.

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Our Elite Program is where dedicated athletes take part in 12+ hours of training per week.

This heightened focus and dedication allows them to take part in highly diverse class experiences.

Once gymnastics is your chosen arena to learn grit and practice failure, we help you reach ambitious personal goals.

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We rise individually and as a team through daily practices of excellence.

At this level, athletes begin to have many options available to them including private lessons, training camps, competitions, team events, domestic and international travel and more.

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Commitment is required and the training diversifies.
Athletes work on many areas to help them rise:

  • ballet

  • yoga

  • mindfulness

  • sports psychology

  • nutrition

  • fitness

  • cardio

  • apparatus handling

  • body technique

  • acro

  • expression

  • musicality

  • circus

  • acting

  • improvisation

  • public speaking

  • choreography

  • goal setting

  • team building

  • authenticity

Entry by invitation or audition only.

To learn more contact us at

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